Awarded Artworks of Uniprint Creative Festival (UCF)

The Top 10 winners and two specially chosen illustrations by HSUHK students from the UCF competition of phase one (19 October to 5 November), “HOME KONG · STORIESAND MEMORIES” are presented in this exhibition for its best manifestation of local culture and expression ofpersonal memories.


Uniprint Creative Festival (UCF) is a one-stop series of art centred events by Uniprint and supported by the Department of Art and Design, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, aiming to promote creativity and provide playground space to reimagine art in Hong Kong!


The UCF Process


Uniprint is an illustration solution pioneer with a personalized gift platform that leverages creativity, artificial intelligence (AI) and global networking to empower a new generation of co-creation between customers and art talents.


Participants submitted their works online on the Uniprint platform. The selection was processed by the Uniprint Team and public voting, with the final awarded artworks were announced after review by the Judging Panel.



Professor HUI Cheuk Kuen, Desmond served as one of the honourable members of the Judging Panel