Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural and Creative Industries (BA-CCI)

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Programme Information

Cultural and creative industries span across the disciplines of the arts, media, design and heritage. These multi-disciplinary studies encompass the core subjects in business, management, humanities and social sciences. In Hong Kong, upon a decade of development and government initiatives, cultural and creative industries are categorised into the following 11 industry sectors:

1. Art, antiques and crafts
2. Cultural education and library, archive and museum services
3. Performing arts
4. Film, video and music
5. Television and radio
6. Publishing

7. Software, computer games and interactive media
8. Design
9. Architecture
10. Advertising
11. Amusement services

Programme Objectives

  • Integrative, Multi-disciplinary and Cognate Curriculum
    The programme is unique in the sense that it aims to address the cognate issues of the creative industry sector as a whole rather than with specific industries or individual disciplines, thus enabling students to apply their knowledge in whatever industries they may engage with later on in their career.
  • Variety of Approach and Comprehensive Training
    Students will have exposure to different subjects, methodologies, concepts and approaches to learning. They will receive training with a business foundation for language proficiency and communication competence, and acquire comprehensive knowledge in the development and operation of cultural and creative industries from inter-disciplinary perspectives.
  • Field Experience and Interaction
    The programme attaches great importance to field experience. Students will have opportunity to engage in the cultural and creative industry sectors through exchange, placement and internship programmes.
  • Industry and Institution Collaboration
    The programme will build up collaborative partnership with cultural and creative industry companies, associations and cultural institutions to promote student learning, research and practice opportunities.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Programme, students should be able to:

  • Address professional and personal challenges through the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge acquired;
  • Communicate effectively in academic and business-related contexts, and in a team with effective social and interpersonal skills;
  • Evaluate own contributions and responsibilities in becoming responsible citizens in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Employ theories, concepts and research methodologies in social sciences to examine various contemporary issues related to different kinds of cultural and creative industries;
  • Apply knowledge and theories to solving problems in cultural and creative industries, addressing social, cultural, technological and professional issues;
  • Incorporate art, culture and business management considerations into cultural and creative activities, events and businesses;
  • Design and/or produce cultural and creative activities, events and businesses with specific skills in management and organisation to serve both the local and international community.
Title of QualificationBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural and Creative Industries
QF Level5
QR Registration number assigned by QR Authority18/000837/L5
Validity period of the relevant QR entry08/11/2018 To 31/08/2027
Area of Study / TrainingArts, Design and Performing Arts

Programme Structure

Students can find the list of all modules offered by CCI at the Registry’s website:  

Currently, there are 6 Major Elective modules offered by the CCI Programme:

CCI1101 Art of Innovation

CCI2101 Western Art and Architecture

CCI2102 Museum and Public Empowerment in Digital Era

CCI3101 Asian Cities, Culture and Heritage 

CCI3102 Emerging Art Forms and Practices

CCI3900 Internship

Two Major Elective modules offered by other departments:

BUS3003 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

TRA4102 Translation for the Arts Industry

Two Free Elective modules offered by the CCI Programme:

CCI1102 Introduction to eSports

CCI1103 Internet Literature

Two General Education (GE) modules offered by the Department of Art and Design:

CCI1104 Creative Thinking – Cluster 1

AD1102 Art Appreciation – Cluster 1

Employment Pathways

The BA-CCI programme will prepare graduates to be capable personnel for a wide range of careers in both private and public sectors where a solid knowledge in humanities and social and sophisticated understanding of cultural and creative industries is required.

Industry / CompaniesPosition
Cultural and Creative-related industries Project Management Trainee / Assistant / Consultant
Exhibition and Event-related IndustriesVenue and Event Management Trainee / Assistant
Business and Social EntrepreneurshipBusiness Development Trainee / Assistant, Administrative Assistant
Tourism and Leisure IndustriesCustomer Service Officer / Trainee
Retail and Service IndustriesAssistant and Service Designer

Minimum Admission Requirements

Year 1 Standard Entry A. Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination Level 3 or above in Chinese Language and English Language, Level 2 or above in Mathematics, Liberal Studies and one other subject in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination.

B. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme 24 points (including 3 subjects at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level, 12 points or above to be obtained from subjects at Higher Level), i.e. completion of IB Diploma.

C. SAT Qualification – A minimum of 1650 on SAT Reasoning Test (Prior to March 2016) or 1190 on Redesigned SAT (From March 2016). – Secondary school examination results are suggested to be considered apart from the SAT score.

Year 2 Standard Entry
Applicants should have completed an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a related discipline from a recognised institution in Hong Kong or overseas, with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA) of 2.3 or equivalent.


Year 3 Standard Entry
Applicants should have completed an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a related discipline from a recognised institution in Hong Kong or overseas, with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA) of 2.5 or equivalent, and pass the assessment as required by the programme, e.g. written test, interview, etc

Please go to this link for the Programme information pamphlet.